Our History

Jacobson Transport Inc.

Jacobson Transport was started in 1935 in Wheaton, MN by Lawrence Jacobson, with one truck and would haul whatever his vehicle could accommodate. He supplemented his trucking income in the early years when there was little work by shelling corn during the winter months. In 1937, he bought Fred Larson’s livestock hauling. For the next 13 years he hauled mostly gravel and livestock. By 1950 he bought his first transport and began hauling petroleum.

As his trucking business continued to grow, in 1978 he moved to a new 125x120 foot main terminal located on the east side of Highway 75 in Wheaton, MN. The building is still there and now houses a manufacturing business. With 43 tractors and 83 trailers, Lawrence sold the business in 1985 to Howard Peterson, Alan Hingst, and Dave Parker, all from Lincoln, NE.

In 1986, the office staff was moved to 315 11th Street North, Wahpeton, ND. In the meantime, the shop and trucks continued to be maintained in Wheaton, MN. The shop we are currently in was purchased in 1989 and remodeled. The move was made from Wheaton, MN to Wahpeton, ND shortly after that. During the period Jacobson’s was owned by Peterson, Hingst, and Parker, they started a southern division in Lincoln, NE. In July, 1991, they decided to sell the northern portion and it was purchased by the Viessman Family.

The Viessman Family has continued to build on our important policies and practices. They update the equipment annually by adding new trucks, trailers, and by adding lease owner/operators. They are very dedicated to employee satisfaction and strive to build customer appreciation.

Jacobson Transport, Inc. is a nationwide irregular route general commodities common carrier. Our policies and practices are among the important variables that keep us operating as a team. Satisfying our customer’s needs while fulfilling our obligations to the public and protecting our employee’s by running a safe operation are among our top priorities. Our primary service area includes the Midwestern United States. We deal in commodities such as liquid propane, gasoline, molasses, anhydrous ammonia, liquid fertilizer, feed products, and road asphalt oils.

We value our relationship with our employees. We provide year-round employment, offering competitive wages and an outstanding employee benefit package which includes a profit sharing program. It is our opinion that our employees represent one of the most important segments of our company. Our employees are our sales men and women. It is this approach that makes our team ethic a strong and enduring power in the trucking industry. We continually strive to assist our employees in every way we can. Our philosophy encompasses the improvements suggested by our employees. We maintain an open door policy at all times. A prime example of employee satisfaction is that we have employees working for us in excess of 25 years.

Now located at 924 4th Avenue South in Wahpeton, ND, Jacobson Transport continues to expand. A two-bay tank wash was built in 1996 and a 30 foot addition was added to the shop in 2003. As anyone can see, Jacobson’s has a long history, and, as we go forward and continue to make history, we need to do our jobs safely, take care of our customer’s needs while focusing on our employee’s satisfaction so that we can keep Jacobson Transport, Inc. thriving.